Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Super Sunday

AT LONG LAST!!!! Alyosha, Oksana and Pasha came to visit me in Vladimir. We had a TON of fun!!! It began at 8am when they arrived at the train station. Then I gave them a tour of the AH, the school where I teach. Ironically, they loved the place of my stress!!! It was completely foreign to them so I guess that's why =)

Then we went to Mir Reptili. Which looked like an overpriced little room with 20 cases of reptiles. The kids were happy so I was happy. BUT THEN, the worker chick came over and took the animals OUT OF THEIR CAGES!!!! That's right, it was wild! We got to hold anacodas (it took 8 of us), gekkos, turtles, a boa, etc... It was awesome! So worth the 150 rubles per person =) Then it was time for lunch at Cafe Pizza. And after that bowling!!!

They'd never been before and it was so fun to see them loving it =) Even Nina bowled!!!! I won the first game and Alyosha won the second!!! It was truly a perfectly, wonderful day!!!!
Then we finished the day with tea, cookies and ice cream at the AH. It was truly a wonderful and perfect day! THIS IS WHY I MOVED HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Fabulous Weekend Continues...

After camping, err.. the retreat, I went to Dasha's birthday dinner. She turned one years old on Friday. She is precious as ever=) She greeted me at the door. As soon as I took off my boots, I opened my bag to pull out her presents. Dasha heard this and ran back toward me with her arms out ready to get her gifts. It was SUPER CUTE!!! She knew exactly what to do and pulled the wrapping paper off immediately!
She loved the books!
Anya and I midway through the night.

In the end, it was the birthday girl and I.

Camping in Russian- Sorta...

So my church had a weekend retreat for the college and career group. Ever so grateful to still be in this age group (HAHAH!), I attended. Of course, I didn't bother to ask what to bring or where it would be. So being the witty and clever genius that I am, I called it CAMPING! Ha!
To my delight, it was way better than camping!!! If you're reading my blog, then you know me and know that I am so not a camper. I don't mind wearing "wilderness" girl outfits if need be but seriously not for more than a day! And I certainly won't play the part, I will only wear the gear. My brothers and family know that I hate camping more than I don't know what. I have only been twice and not since I was 13. That was when my idiot cousin and brother threw my backpack in the river. My dad made them chase it but all my clothes were soaking wet. It sucked. The memory makes my skin crawl, ew.

Our retreat was more of a huge dorm. It was fun and I am sorry that I left early but I had triple-booked that weekend.

A few pics:

The view from my room, pretty huh?

Sadly, Russian winter is on it's way out. I didn't even get to ski, BOO!

This was our scary and sad shower, thank God I was there only one day and got to shower at home! So you see it was camping-like. But we had a flushing toilet, yay!

In keeping with Russian tradition, we had tea. I drank more tea in two days than I typically do all week. Wow.Our room was comfy. The bed was great! I even took a nap 10 minutes after waking up and dressing!

Good times: with Bekah and her guitar (Stella)

Saying good-bye to Kati, it was her last weekend in Russia.

Country-western line dancing - Russian style!

Decorating sugar cookies, OF COURSE!

Vacation TIME!

I only got three days of vacation but considering the crap that I deal with at work, they were more than welcomed!!!! Plus we got paid during vacation, I was happy to have my SIX dollars. HA! Sad, but true.
On Monday, I headed out to Moscow with Bekah and Reese, my MAPs. We took THE BEST photos ever of each other clowning around. Including a MUST-SEE photo of "Muslim Erin" and "Erin the Thinker". Those two shots are OUTSTANDING. But beware looking at them while you are at work, you will scream with laughter.
Bekah with her new fur hat, isn't she PRECIOUS? Only $16 for that hat! I brought on too and when I came home wearing it, George yelled "COSSACK!!!" It was tremendous!

This is host cousin, Tamuna. She is gorgeous and 13. She loves all my earrings. Ironically when we were shopping in Moscow, I saw a pair EXACTLY like my silver ones that she loves. Needless to say, I brought both a pair in gold, YAY! Georgian sisters, TOCHNA!!!!

Celebrating Women's Day - Day Four

My first house guest came to visit, dear and sweet Bekah, YAY!!!!!!!!!!! My family LOVED her and my host uncle and cousins came over. We had a HUGE meal and lots of delicious treats =)
Aren't they sweet? I LOVE them!!!

Celebrating Women's Day with Gifts!!!

I started to celebrate on Thursday when my students brought my flowers and chocolates. It was very sweet- literally, hahaha.
Friday morning, sweet little Arseny "congratulated" me with my FAVORITE flowers, tulips. When his mom gave them to me, he quickly jumped in and said, "those aren't from me, those are from my mom and dad". Then he ran off and quickly returned holding little juice boxes. He said, "These are from me!" It was the CUTEST THING!!!Friday night, my host dad threw a small surprise party for Manana (my host mom) and I at their restaurant complete with DJ and dancing. It was so fun!!!!! I didn't have my camera but George did and he took tons of photos. I will post them soon =)