Sunday, December 21, 2008


And NYC too =) And Connecticut!!! YAY! AMERICA!!!!!! Russia has been OUTSTANDING! And I was sad to leave BUT THEN, I got to see both Alyoshas and the grads from Kameshkovo orphanage so all is well. Alyosha & I.

With the grads on Red Square: Tanya, Sergei, Olya, Erin, Sergei, Artyom & Alyosha.

I leave Russia with the best memories and fantastic photos knowing that all my precious moments here were a gift from God! My students were awesome, I had SO MUCH fun with them! I met a ton of great people and am progressing in learning Russian so that's a plus. I still have a SUPER long way to go =)
Since I haven't finished packing and our driver will be here to take us the Moscow airport in like 30 minutes, I will post a few of the best photos from my FINAL DAZE here =)
With Arseny. Then my students, they ROCK!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Best News This Month...

I GOT TO SEE ALYOSHA!!!!!!!!! What could be better than that? SEEING HIM EVERYDAY. Of course, and I DO get to see him everyday!

As of Tuesday, he has been in the Vladimir Regional Children's Hospital for exams and observation. They are checking his kidney and health. He underwent major kidney surgery this past May. I was with him when he checked in on Tuesday and have been able to see him everyday. Sadly, visiting hours are only in the evening so I am only able to stay for an hour in between my classes.

The condition of the hospital is sad and scary but his spirits are good. He is quite brave and has a strong character. He is healthy and doing fine. His doctors say he is in good health, doesn't need any more surgery (presently) and can go home on Sunday. Selfishly, I am sad because seeing him everyday is literally the highlight of my day. But I know he will be better off with his foster family. Life with his foster family is leaps and bounds ABOVE what he has at the hospital, where it's a known fact that the food is terrible. But I enjoy cooking and bringing him food and snacks. Shopping for kids is so much more fun!!!! I will be very sad to not see him anymore =( Hopefully I will get permission to visit the orphanage SOON! If anything, at least by 2009!

Here is a photo of him wearing the wax vampire fangs that my friend Stephanie sent. THANKS STEPH! These were so fun =)