Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Honor of Mother's Day

And because it was just a wonderful time with my mom, I am posting photos of my Mom's visit to Russia. It was her first trip ever here. She really liked it!! So much so that she said that she could now see why I loved it so much and want to live here! That was in INCREDIBLE! And she was only here 13 days, imagine if she stayed longer! Or if she came every year, then she'd want to move here :) Hmm, sounds like something I need to work on her about ;)

The Kozmavas (clockwise) Oleg, Manana and George.

My first order of business was to introduce her to my Russian/Georgian family. God has blessed me so much with and through them. He has taught me so much about love in my time with them. I remember when the other AH teachers referred to their host families as my dad, brother, sister, etc... I thought they were crazy. Then God sent me to them and I love them so!

With the Kozmava Women (l to r): Manana, Nona, me, MoM, Tamuna.

Few women impress me and inspire me as much as they do.

Our Dinner Party, Phase I. (l to r) Tamuna, Manana, me, MoM, George & Oleg.
Of course after we had some appetizers and drinks, the rest of the family came for Phase II.
My mom was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by everyone's warmth and hospitality.

My two moms. God loves me so much, he gave me two! The are complete opposites yet complimentary yet similar, it blows my mind.

Beginning of Our Dinner Party, Phase I.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all Moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Return From Yet Another Extended Hiatus

Hi Blog World Friends!!!

It's been nearly eight months since my last post. Geez, much has happened - good and bad. To be honest the early part of that eight months was not good. But Praise God, He turned things around for me. During Easter, I celebrated not only His resurrection and victory over death but a new beginning! Things since then have been great.

Tomorrow, I am going to Kiev, Ukraine. Some friends from church, the student ministry group and I are heading out on the train after church. I am BEYOND excited! I have been wanting to take a trip for the last few months but my plans kept falling through. This trip was so last-minute, I guess plans couldn't fall through, hahah. I was invited and decided sometime after midnight last Saturday. Eleven of us will be going. We're riding third-class which means the train wagon will be a gigantic open area with bunk beds. Like a dorm or barrack on wheels. Should be interesting. I have seen animals (i.e. goats) board trains in the past so I am looking forward to the adventure!

In Kiev, we'll be going to Passion, the praise and worship conference where Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman will be among the performers. I am very excited to worship in English in a corporate setting as I almost never have the opportunity!!! We'll also take in the historical sites and meander through the city. I am told it is quite beautiful and ancient. Tomorrow is also Victory Day so hopefully we will experience the celebration of the 65th annual holiday.

What else can I say??

In 7 weeks, I will returning home to Texas. I have to say the time has flown by. Part of me is excited to get back, as many wonderful celebrations await me (4th of July, three weddings); all-around good times with great people. But I always feel like the time to leave Russia always comes at a bad time. Does that make sense? Things are just picking up here and then I will have to put them on hold. Oh well, maybe that's one of the many ebbs and flows of life. What do I know? I feel like just a kid sometimes, hah!

But what's INCREDIBLY exciting is that I will be returning to Russia in the Fall. I am so... I can't find the words but they're all positive, hopeful, thrilled, eager- you get it fill in the blank! I am BEYOND! I can't wait to come back even though I am still here :) Yeah, sometimes my emotions and I don't make sense but in this situation, I'm fine with it!

This week was our first week of warm weather, WOOHOOO!!!! Last year at this time it was still considerably chilly. This Wednesday things were at 75, got cold on Thursday but then yesterday and today are 75 or 78. Soon I'll be able to say summer is here!!! But I am so content with the 70s those are perfect temps for me :)

Kiev or Bust! Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!