Friday, August 15, 2008

More Snapshots of My Life

Alexander Nevsky statue- the founder of Vladimir.

Gorgeous church near the Nevsky statue. Inside are beautiful icons and relics. I could have paid to take photos inside but opted not to do so =)

This is another beautiful church in Vladimir next to the first one =) I took a tour and saw all 5 in town!

The view from atop the Golden Gates. This is Ultisa Moskovskaya. The main downtown road. I walk down this street everyday to the bus or mall or post office or store or school. It goes many places, including Kameshkovo =)

The beautiful countryside of Vladimir. This is the area surrounding the Nevsky statue. All the photos were taken on 08/08/08. There were many, many wedding celebrations on this hill. I pushed them all out of the way for my photo =)

NOTE: It turned out to be a good day. The morning orientation went by quickly and then I went to Mister Hamburger for a chicken burger. It was as close to America as I could find and only $3. The bonus is that I have extra time before my psych evaluation to post photos, YAY PHOTOS!

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