Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will it Ever End?

Nothing major to report from out East =)

School, training, seminars, workshops and even more training- ugh. Very boring. Very tedious. Very repetitive. The information is useful though I feel that it could be presented in a fare more efficient and effective manner. This feels like college on crack- as in all day class 9a-6p, only one hour for lunch and essays for homework. But no pizza in the dorms at midnight. Oh well. It will be over soon, this necessary evil.

Meanwhile I am LOVING my Hillsong Kiev CDs. They are OUTSTANDING! I now have SIX CDs, woohoo! You all know me and to know me is to know that I when I love something, I need it in large doses. My dearest friend and college roommate Mare learned this the hard way. When I liked a song, I'd listen to only it on repeat for weeks on end. She eventually took the CD and hid it from me. Since the advent of the iPod, this is not necessary =)

Other thoughts... I am MISSING the Olympics. I have NEVER enjoyed watching them- only the features did I enjoy. But this time since the much-hyped Chinese are hosting I am curious. Darn, I can't watch it. Maybe I will watch online when I return to the States. Of course, I am sure I won't care anymore.

This weekend I have been invited to a Russian dacha!!!!! YAY!!! I will be going to Anya, Maksim and Baby Dasha to their dacha =) I am excited- just one step closer to being a real Russian! Every Russian- literally, leaves the town of Vladimir on Friday nights and is gone until Sunday night at their dachas. Some go to escape the heat- although going further south does not usually mean enjoying a cooler climate. Some go to escape- as a mini vacation, this is why I will go! That and to hang with my friends.

I am really starting to miss social interaction- I notice it now especially since Zhenya is gone =( Thank God, He knew I needed friends and Andrei is here =) YAY! Yall may remember him, he was one of our translators at Kameshkovo this year. We went to Gordoskoi Park last night and he showed me around my neighborhood and taught me the shortcut to church. It was good to explore my neighborhood especially at night so I can recognize places when I get home from work late. I was glad to explore with a male since it seems that many Russian men sit outside talking loudly and drinking. Not ideal for me to wander around alone.

Okay- off to the post office! Catch me again soon =)

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