Sunday, August 17, 2008

Out and About in Moscow

PYOTR & IRINA: in the middle of drinking Baltika 7 at Gorky Park. Round one tasted like Bud which grossed me out. But in 95 degree weather outside, the cold pivo tasted good half-way down!
Saritchka (L) y Anya (R) buying round one.

Good times! Alex (L) y Andrei (R) Riding MosMetro- the only way to go in Moscow! L to R: Anya, Lora y Sasha.

We're a fun group. The best expats Vladimir has EVER seen =)


Suzanne Hardeman said...

Well, it looks like you are having a great time and getting situated. I'm so pleased you found a church and that you are making friends with your co-teachers. Too bad they are all democrats! I'll definitely be praying for you - LOL! You mentioned a few Russian's interpretation of what is going on and it is scary to think they are that brainwashed by their government. They don't have any idea what is really going on. I'm just glad you know how to get real news.; - )

When will you get to see any of the Kameshkovo kids? What about the grads? Please say hello to Natasha for me and tell her I've thought about her alot!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Erin, hun, how are you doing? I really miss you & hanging out with you!!!!! I love your blog:) You should read mine too:) I'll post pictures soon too:) Have a great day:) Love you lots:)