Sunday, August 17, 2008

Out and About

Friday ended up being a fun night with Zhenya and seeing other friends in Vladimir. Plus, I found Skittles for sale- always a good thing!
Saturday I was up at 6am to take the train to Moscow with Zhenya and the other teachers. I had a FANTASTIC time!!!! Zhenya found the Hillsong Moscow service for us without a problem! I will probably go again soon by myself. The service was AWESOME! You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as we walked in. Everyone was super friendly and even helped us cart around Zhenya's bolshaya cyumka! (big bag) I purchased the Vera Kevasich book, Born for a Purpose and 3 more Hillsong Kiev CDs, including my favorite Pozhar (Burn).

We walked through Gorky Park- ochen klassna (very cool)! Then ate lunch at KFC and then added more minutes to moya mobilia (my phone). By then the other teachers were ready to meet me at the Gorky Park metro. Zhenya waited with me and then left for her uncle's house. I knew I'd miss her more than I felt at that moment.

My fellow teachers only lasted 15 feet into our walk at Gorky Park. They saw the first cafe and we stopped for pivo (beer). Nearly 3 hours later, we took a bathroom break and then got back on the Metro bound for the vokzal (train) to Vladimir. I should have gone to Dom Kingi (Book House) to buy my Russian textbook but it was very hot I was too tired to make the huge effort. I stayed and bonded with my co-expats. We had fun and shared some good laughs and quality pics!

I finished the Kasevich book on the train; it was a good, quick read. I got home, showered and ate. I was asleep by 11:20pm.

Today, Sunday, I went to church with Natasha at the Emmanuel Church. Andrei also attends, it was fun to see him and chat. His English has greatly improved since he was our translator in March. He comprehends and responds so much faster. He says, "Your Russian will too! In one month, you'll speak like a native... In the name of Jesus!" I received that! I told him to make sure he prays that for me every night =)

Natasha and I ate lunch at Torgovbil Tsenter, the new mall's food court. I am getting tired of that place and the food selection but it's cheap and air conditioned. We sat there for 2 hours chilling on Friday night for the AC only- that and I enjoyed my time with Zhenya and Nastya. Plus it had a grocery store and I needed to buy water. Then we said our good-byes. I went home to rest and watch episdoses 3 and 4 of Ugly Betty Season 1- good stuff. It was 94 degrees today. It's now day 8 of temperatures above 90. Not fun but I found if I sit still and do nothing but breathe and drink water then I can live.

I had a 4p date with Anya and baby Dasha to hit Globus. It was a 3 hours shopping and dinner extravaganza!!!!!!!!!! I brought new sheets, a new pillow, lunch for the week, detergent, pajamas and soda!!! No more than $60 USD, nice huh? Ya tak lubiou Globus!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm at the AH supposed to be working on my grammar presentation- yeah right! I'm loving the AC and the internet!!! WOOHOO. Plus, I'm doing laundry. Who says you can't be productive online?

All for now! MIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (peace)

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